The roof of the silos have a 30 degrees slope angle. This angle is nearly 2 degrees less than the filling angle of the grain. By this difference, there would be no grain load at the roof either the silo is full to its top. And a space occur between the grain layer and the inner part of the silo roof. By this space, the grain and steel sheet do not touch each other and no condensation occurs because of the difference between inner and outer temperature of the silo. And, by the ventilation outlet at the roof, natural air circulation exists. This natural air circulation is supported by aeration fans and the grain is stored for a while.

DEHŞETİLER® manufactures silos using 100 mm corrugated sheet. This corrugation is 12% stronger than conventional 76 mm. corrugated sheets. The corrugated sheets have 110 cm. height results 30% fewer seams between sheets for faster erection and beter weather protection. The sidewall sheets are supported by the heavy duty stiffeners to carry extra load.These stiffeners transfer the drawdown loads to foundation. In the case of earthquake,these stiffeners carry the seismic loads.For this reason,the stiffeners on DEHŞETİLER® silos are thicker and manufactured from more tensile strength steel. The stiffeners are added each other by a plate at their forehead. The roof panels are triangle in shape and two sides of the panels are roll formed as a 90 mm. deep trapeze. Roof panels have 7,5 degree with every 5 cm. on them to increase its strength 67%.


Inner,outer ladders and safety cage for outer ladder, roof ladders are manufactured complying with the latest safety standards by DEHŞETİLER®. Entrance and inpection doors are used for entering silo and inspecting the grain inside silo.


All silos either flat bottom or hopper bottom are placed on foundations which transfer the loads of the silo, grain, equipments,etc. to the soil. Silo foundations are designed in 2 types according to tunnel unloading or side unloading . Aeration channels, unloading screw auger channels, unloading gate places are built while foundation construction.


Aeration system of the silo is very important for long term storage of the grain in silo. Aearation fan capacity is designed according to the silo capacity, grain type inside silo, silo height. Ventilation outlets on the roof helps the natural aeration at roof part preventing condensation in the roof part which is occurred by temperature difference between inside and outside the silo roof panel. According to the weather conditions of the place where silos are built, exhaust fans on the roof would be necessary to enchance the aeration capacity for roof aeration.


Grain inside silo have to be controlled well to prevent spoiling. Our silos are equipped with temperature monitoring systems to monitor grain temperature inside silo. If the grain inside the silo gets warm because of its moisture this can be monitored by temperature monitoring system. Number of cables and sensors are selected according to the dimensions of silos and the grain type to be stored. Monitoring is done by mobile monitoring unit. Also automatic monitoring and reporting equipments are available as option.


Sweep augers are used to handle the grain to the center of silo. They are used when the grain flow at the center is over. Because of the friction of grain, the grain remains inclined. Thus it have to be handled to the center by sweep auger. DEHŞETİLER® are designed for easy use, without failure. They are equipped with brush electric transferring system which prevents entering silo for electric connection. Well designed sweep augers are in 2 types as Normal duty and heavy duty.


Unloading augers are used to unload grain inside the silo. They are designed to help repair and maintenance work while silo is full. They are equipped with 1 center and 2 intermediate wells to help easy unloading. Until the grain flow from the center of silos, intermediate wells have to be closed.