BUCKET ELEVATORS | Dehşetiler Makina

Bucket elevators are used for vertical handling of grain. They are manufactured in various capacities and heights. DEHŞETİLER® use high strength plastic buckets on the elevator manufacturing. The rubber belt have high carrying capacity. Bucket elevators are manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel sheets. Thanks to completely bolt-nut assembly bucket elevator mounting is so easy.

Bucket elevator's boot and head section are manufactured for heavy duty, with hinged legging inspection doors for easy inspection and maintenance. Trunks has very good isolation against weather conditions and dust. Bucket elevators are equipped with ladders, platforms, support ropes which are optional.

Technical Specifications

Capacity (tons/hour) 30 | 60 60 | 100 100 | 150 150 | 200 200 | 250 250 | 350 350 | 500 500 | 600